Death Sentence

by Angel Zapata 

One minute before midnight, the inmate began to scream for his life. Two correction officers entered Carlton Trigg’s death row cell, restrained him with nylon straps to a stainless steel gurney, and gagged him. Three cold-blooded murders had granted Carlton the death sentence and he had never once begged for clemency. Four years earlier, Congress had instituted a much more brutal and contemporary alternative to the lethal injection. Five ravenous zombies were unshackled and locked inside the cell with him. Six minutes later, a highly absorbent mop was used to wipe up what was left of Carlton. 

Angel Zapata writes fiction and poetry. The first thirty years of his life were spent in NYC, but he has since relocated to Augusta, Georgia. He is the author of the poetry chapbook, “An Offering of Ink and Feathers.” He’s also therecipient of the 2012 Mariner Award for Bewildering Stories’ most outstanding flash fiction work of the year, “Carrion Folk,” and a winner of the MicroHorror 2012 Story Contest for his horrific tale, “The Blood Worms.”

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