by Mary Genevieve Fortier

The room cold, blind in it’s darkness.

Paralyzed by fear. No, something more.

So cold.

Sounds; faint, distant, deep within the dark.

So cold.

Strapped? Bound? Sealed!

No, something more.

So cold.

Scratching, muffled scuffling, shuffling, immobile, frozen; in the darkness, black unmoving darkness.

So cold.

Creaking, sliding, snapping, crackling, numb, anesthetized.

No, something more.

So cold.

So very cold.

Whispers breathy, hushed.

A cry?

Powerless, pinned, crippled… No, something more.

So cold.

Vague, tenuous whispers, muted, obscure.

Enveloped, blind, muddy darkness.

Cold, so cold.

Quiescent, lifeless, spiritless, deadened.


Thudding, crushing silence within the dark.

So very dark… and cold…

The Wicked Library 307-

The Wicked Library 307 Bonus

The Wicked Library Christmassacre 2

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