beware of darkness

doung jai

It sidles up to you, wrapping around you with false promises of warmth. And it feels wonderful at first, until its tendrils snake their way into your mind and twist every last thought into paranoia and hatred, all the while reassuring you that you’ve done no wrong. Comfort becomes a soft yet warm pillow you can’t turn over.

Then: light, brash in its appearance. Resistant to your tears, insistent that you work and not be coddled. It promises happiness, but a long winding road to travel.

Genuine warmth versus ignorance of light.

Which one do you want?

I choose…

doung jai – a native of Thailand, doung jai resides in New England with her husband and cats. She’s won the monthly flash fiction contest over at Necon E-Books several times and was recently published in LampLight magazine.



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