This is more sci-fi than horror, but I liked it.  I hope you do also.

Acceptable Endpoint

by Rose Blackthorn

The star was small, orbited by four rocky planets, two gas giants, two ice giants, and uncounted asteroids. It was distant from the center of an average spiral galaxy, and perfect for their research.

G’toxn ran the last calculations, chitinous appendages blurring with their speed.

R’garyx studied magnified images of the blue planet, faceted eyes noting small mechanical satellites orbiting beyond its atmosphere. “Did you know the third planet supports life?”

G’toxn finished, and nodded absently. “Too primitive to worry about.”

R’garyx frowned, antennae drooping.

The experiment was deployed. From outside the system, they observed as the unnamed star collapsed. 


Rose Blackthorn is a writer, reader, dog-mom. Lives in the high-mountain desert, but longs for the sea. She can be found online at
[email protected]

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