Here’s a website you might enjoy: Horror Drive-In. Relive the spirit of the drive-in theater and celebrate the art of horror fiction at Horror Drive-In.

The site is run by Mark Sieber. Horror Drive-In features a very active forum which focuses on horror in general, and the small horror fiction press in particular. They have commentaries, reviews of all kinds, original horror fiction, and interviews.

Horror Drive-In is dedicated to the preservation of the drive-in theater, quality horror fiction, and the general horror community. The site exists to celebrate horror fiction and film, with an emphasis on exploitation and drive-in cinema.

“I am accepting items for review, but not electronic fiction, VHS tapes, comics or any form of bootlegs,” says Sieber. “I appreciate anything that anyone sends and though I’ll try, I can’t promise to review everything.”

Check it out: Horror Drive-In

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