Horror Bound Magazine, not only offers free short fiction by some of today’s hottest writers but also interviews with your favorite authors, poetry, and book reviews, all relating to the horror/speculative and dark fantasy genres and published on the site for your reading pleasure.

They also offer an extensive horror art section with some truly imaginative and macabre images.

In Issue #9 P.S. Gifford is the featured author. Gifford was born on April 28, 1965 in Birmingham, England. He discovered at a remarkably early age that he was completely fascinated with the written word. By the age of nine he was already a voracious reader and had begun to write. He is the author of 3 excellent collections of short stories. Your dark fiction bookshelf is not complete without: The Curious Accounts of the Imaginary Friend, The Further Accounts of the Imaginary Friend and for younger readers, Dr. Offig’s Lessons From the Dark Side.

Check it all out: Horror Bound

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