Horror Author and Filmmaker Todd Tjersland (The Necro Files) has something important to say in his book, Deathbreed: A Zombie Novel. The author deftly uses the horror genre as a stepping stone to explore human nature and to shed light on a variety of tough social issues such as race, religion, and gender roles in society. Unlike the mindless gorefests of many of his contemporaries, the author relies on his human characters, rather than their undead adversaries, to deliver the shocks in a controversial and thought-provoking fashion.

When asked what his book is about, Aristotle Holt, Astaroth Entertainment Acquisitions Director, explains, “Deathbreed is not just a zombie novel. Certainly, you can read it that way and enjoy it as simple entertainment, but there’s a lot more going on under the surface.”

Indeed, as author Todd Tjersland claims, “The book stresses that humanity walks a fine line between civility and savagery. Our fragile society—the so-called rules we live by—are artificial man-made constructs that can collapse in a matter of minutes, zombies or not! When they do, humanity will revert to the law of the jungle—survival of the fittest. That’s what makes Deathbreed compelling fiction that transcends genre.”

Deathbreed is available in trade paperback ($19.99) and a special, signed and numbered, 666 copy limited edition hardcover ($29.99) by Astaroth Entertainment Group. It includes an exclusive author interview and a preview of the sequel, Deathbreed 2. The book is available through the publisher’s website, Zombie The Novel. A widely recognized expert on the horror genre, Todd Tjersland has been named “The Visionary Overlord of American Horror” by Prism, the official publication of the British Fantasy Society. Deathbreed is his first novel; his previous books include the horror film review guides Fear Without Frontiers (as a contributor) and Sex, Shocks & Sadism!

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