HissersPermuted Press has put the digital edition of Hissers by Ryan C. Thomas on sale for only $.99 until August 22nd.

Description: In the small town of Castor, it’s the last weekend of summer break. In just two days four teenage friends will begin their high school careers. Dating, who to sit with at the lunch table, and what to wear seem to be the most important decisions facing them.

But as Connor, Seth, Amanita and Nicole venture to the most popular end-of-summer high school party in town, they soon discover there are even more important decisions to be made. Life and death decisions. Namely, how to outrun the massive wave of mutated undead that have suddenly crashed the party.

It’s The Breakfast Club meets Resident Evil as the teens of Castor fight to stay alive. And for this group of friends, growing up never seemed so urgent.

You can pick up the Kindle edition here: Hissers

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