The Full Moon SlayerIn her new horror novel The Full Moon Slayer (published by AuthorHouse), author Michel Vamrell mines familiar thriller tropes for new action in a tale of classical werewolves in a small Indiana town in the opening volume of her Alice’s Trilogy of Horror.

Alice Blake and her family moved to a quiet little town – or so they thought. What Alice doesn’t know is that her life is going to change forever. There are unexplained deaths in the surrounding area of Oblong, Ind. She will find herself in the middle of bloodshed and despair.

“I was inspired by my re-occurring nightmares of werewolves,” Vamrell writes. Also, despite the heavy presence of werewolves in popular narratives such as the Twilight books and the Underworld movies, she wanted to return to a more classic presentation. “I wanted to bring back the European werewolf.”

Vamrell knows that her book is accessible to readers. Not only is the topic of werewolves enduring, but she has structured the book to entice readers. “It is set in present day,” she says. “Also, the werewolves are untamed like today’s economy.”

About the Author: Michel Vamrell grew up in a small southern Illinois town, where the countryside was filled with never-ending cornfields. Her childhood was spent in a hospital and at home watching horror movies. When she reached middle school, Vamrell was cast out and left to drift from one group to another. As an adult, she joined the military in 2002, and married in 2006. She and her husband left her small town in 2009 and moved to Macomb, Ill. In Macomb is where she worked on her books and on her master’s degree in the liberal arts.

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You can pick up the paperback on Amazon here: The Full Moon Slayer

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