Stephen Biro has worked in the film industry for over ten years, producing, distributing and even acting for fun. He opened his first comic book store in Tampa Florida and even opened a cult video store in Y-Bor City before the film industry dug it’s claws into him. The written word has always fascinated Stephen, it was his first love and now he is doing it. The imagination of the mind has always compelled him beyond the reality we live in and writing has always captivated him. No budget, no actors to deal with and specifically … no constraints of the imagination. He wrote Hellucination because it is what he experienced. It took him ten years to finish while trying to come to grips with it. God, the Devil… drug abuse and a journey to Hell is what he had to contend and try to live with, experiencing such horrors, revelations and understanding most people will never encounter in their lives. He had to share it and his memoir… is just that. Stephen is working on his next book that is based upon his travels to the other side. The war between Heaven and Hell with humanity stuck, in the middle without ever knowing. Stephen Biro is an author to look out for in the future. Stay tuned for his next novel because he can finally unleash his imagination and not write in the confines of a memoir. Be prepared…

Unearthed Books has published Hellucination by Stephen Biro in both paperback and digital editions.

Description: A drug-fueled trip through the gruesome levels of Hell may sound like a fictional horror story to some, and since the traveler in question was movie distributor Stephen Biro, it could just as easily have been one of his film projects. But Stephen’s experiences were the real, life-changing sort. They’re also proof that the Lord does work in mysterious ways — extending all the way to squares of LSD and nitrous oxide cartridges.

Armed with psychedelics, hallucinogenics and a brave desire to meet God no matter the personal cost, Stephen pushed beyond the boundaries of safe drug use. He took the most nightmarish of trips from a cramped one-bedroom apartment that he used for running his underground video business. With initial difficulty finding God in his altered state, Stephen instead encountered depravity and grotesquery enough to make his soul weep, but he pushed on. And if that wasn’t bad enough, his Hellish experiences bled over into his waking days, and his friends and acquaintances began identifying themselves to him as Antichrists, deities and other assorted beings from “the other side.” Reality was blurring and shifting, and Stephen was run utterly ragged. Could he fulfill his quest to learn universal truths before his extreme drug use took its toll?

Hellucination: A Memoir spares no disturbing detail of the unusual route that one man took to find Christ and the God of the Bible. The memoir also follows younger Stephen through his 1970s childhood and his bizarre early encounters with religion that drove him to Atheism.

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