If you haven’t a chance to check out our Hellnotes horror auctions, you’re missing out on something special. You can find the list of topics in the left-hand column, about two-thirds of the way down this page. Here are some of the auctions that are currently underway …

Horror Magazines –
Famous Monsters Magazine, December 1969
House of Hammer Films Magazine No 1 1976 British Horror
Creepy Magazine No. 9 June 1966 Warren Horror Comic
Eerie Magazine No 21 May 1968 Warren Horror Comic Book

Horror Books –
Well by Jack Caddy (1982) PB book,horror, thriller
10 Horror-Thrilling Books by William W. Johnstone
Year’s Best Horror 4 20 21 XX Edward Karl Wagner 3pb
Lot of 4 Peter Straub Horror/Thriller Paperback Books

Horror Video Games –
Wii Resident Evil 4 “New” survival horror game!
Martian Gothic Unification PC Horror Games Unused!
The 11th Hour 7th Guest PC Horror Eleventh Seventh Game
Silent Hill Original Sony PS1 Action Horror Game

Horror Videos –
Popcorn (1991, VHS)
Friday The 13th VHS Collection 1 THRU 9 + 3 More Movies
Rodan VHS 1956 Kenji Sawara Nr Mint godzilla lugosi
Strays 1991 Kathleen Quinlan Claudia Christian *Rare*

There’s no better way to stay in touch with horror’s rich past. Take a little time and poke around the auction sites, you’ll find some great deals and learn more about horror than you ever thought possible.

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