Baylor University Press has generously donated five copies of Gospel of The Living Dead, along with an extra large t-shirt. We’d like to pass these along to our Hellnotes readers. In brainstorming the best way to do this, we decided to randomly select winners from those who have joined the Hellnotes mailing list. Now, if you’re already on the list, you know that we haven’t bombarded you with endless e-mails. In fact, at this point in time, we still haven’t sent a single e-mail to this list. This may change as we receive more freebies to give away, and as we come across other items we believe might interest you.  However, we don’t intend to abuse this list. And your information will remain private with Hellnotes.

Okay, after all that, here’s the deal. On Wednesday, October 11th, we’ll be doing a drawing for the Gospel of The Living Dead. If you’d like to be included in the drawing, all you have to do is sign up for the Hellnotes list using the sign up box in the upper right corner of the page. Your name will automatically be included in Monday’s drawing and any future drawings we have.

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