Hauss VegasAuthor Christian B. Guyant has released his novel, Hauss Vegas, in a digital edition.

Description: Hauss Vegas is a story set in Las Vegas and the surrounding area. There has been an outbreak of a virus that is spreading throughout the world which causes zombie-like symptoms, however, these are not typical zombies. Other than speech, an infected person retains all of their abilities including motor skills and the ability to use tools and think critically. This is also set in the modern world, and unlike most zombie stories, these people are educated on what zombies are. Let’s face it, with how big zombies are in pop culture, if there was an outbreak we would already have some preconceived ideas. The story follows a young father, Ricky Houghton, as he struggles to survive and find a new reason to live in the zombie infested Vegas.

Check it out on Amazon: Hauss Vegas

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