Each year, a multitude of movies, television shows and books appear in the horror genre, from novels by Stephen King, to the Paranormal Activity series. For author Ioannis Night however, she believes many of these aren’t very frightening or even able to keep one’s interest. In response, she has penned her new fast-paced horror novel, Haunted Horror (published by Trafford Publishing).

Haunted Horror tells the story of Zik, a young man living in England with his girlfriend, Angelina. Together they live a normal life, nothing out of the ordinary. That is until Zik receives a strange email:

Dear Zik

You probably don’t know about me, but I know everything about you. I will pass this to you because you are the person that I believe that needs it the most. I have a mansion in southwest England and it’s your heritance now. Details about the mansion and how to get there, can be found in the following pdf file”

After a restless night’s sleep, and much confusion, Zik and Angelina decide to follow the email’s instruction and search for a village that doesn’t appear on any map. Unfortunately for them, upon their arrival they meet the ghost of a young girl with a creepy smile, encountering a spirit whose only purpose is to collect people’s souls.

“I believe that there is a lack of actually good horror stories,” explains Night. “I am reading only horror books and most of the times, a book appears to have a great plot, but when you are reading it, the action comes really slow and it is not as satisfying as you were expecting it. In my book, you will be part of the story within the first pages already.”

About the Author

Ioannis Night was born in Athens, Greece in 1988. Since she was five years old, she has been watching horror movies. She recently graduated from the University of Theology of Athens with a degree from the Social Department and has a keen interest in learning languages. She has also been in theater for two years and enjoys playing the guitar.

You can try out this one on Amazon here: Haunted Horror

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