Author Scott Nicholson has formed a new digital publishing venture called Haunted Computer Books, bringing out backlist titles while introducing several new writers for the growing ebook audience.

“I’ve had some ebooks out but didn’t give them much thought,” Nicholson said. “But I found it was a simple way to get my work back out there and meet new readers.”

Nicholson is also working with Ghostwriter Publications in the UK to release Ghostwriter books for the U.S. ebook market. Guy N. Smith’s pulp classic Night of the Crabs is their inaugural release.

Nicholson’s Stoker Award finalist The Red Church is available in various ereader formats, as well as the novella “Burial To Follow” and the story collections Flowers, Ashes, and The First. He’s debuting the original suspense novel The Skull Ring on March 1, followed by original titles from John O’Dowd and Shane Montgomery.

The ebooks will be available through Amazon, Smashwords, Horror Mall, and other outlets.

The company’s blog can be found at: Haunted Computer Books

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