Cafe Press is selling some new Harlan Ellison titles that were published through Ellison’s personal imprint, Edgeworks Abbey.

Here’s what they have:

Harlan 101: The Sound of a Scythe and Three Brilliant Novellas – This one includes a longer (by 25%), revised version of the early titular novel, as well as a trio of Harlan’s exemplary novellas: “Mephisto in Onyx”, “All the Lies That Are My Life”, “The Resurgence of Miss Ankle-Strap Wedgie”

Brain Movies, Volume 2 – Collected here are a number of Harlan’s teleplays, from shows including “The Cimarron Strip” and “The Man from U.N.C.L.E” I mentioned to Harlan that they’re detailed enough, and great fun, and I read them as though they’re unpublished novellas. He laughed at me.

Encountering Ellison 101: Volume One – A bunch of classic stories here, the titles of which every reader should know. The kicker for Ellison fans are the rarities, including “Snake in the Crypt”, the tale which would eventually morph into “The Deathbird”, and “Shoppe Keeper”, a heartbreaker that appears for the first time in any Ellison collection.

Pick up your copies here: Harlan Ellison

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