Nearly twenty years ago, a horror novel set in the New Jersey Pine Barrens created a sensation. Robert Dunbar’s The Pines was the first novel to explore the lore of the Leeds Devil (one of America’s oldest oral myth traditions). Though heavily expurgated, The Pines attracted a fiercely partisan following and garnered the kinds of reviews most authors only dream about. This year – just in time for Halloween – Leisure Books will release The Pines in its first unabridged paperback edition. This constitutes the definitive version, with all previously censored material restored.

Description: Deep within the Pine Barrens of New Jersey, a series of macabre murders draws ever nearer to the isolated farmhouse where a lonely woman struggles to raise her strange, disturbed son. Does some ancient evil prowl these woods? The boy seems to be in league with a presence that makes itself felt in every rustle of wind … in every gleam of moonlight. As a wave of terrifying violence threatens to engulf them, the young mother must join with a group of demon hunters – outcasts all – in a battle for her own survival… and for the life and soul of her son.

You can pre-order your copy here: The Pines

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