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Get spellbound at Anthology Film Archives as part of the center’s NewFilmmakers series’ Annual Halloween Show. Daniel Abella, the director of The Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Film Festival led the curation for the highly anticipated short film program to be held on Wednesday, October 30. The one-night-only lineup which features 10 gripping tales from filmmakers who have brought forth a classic cornerstone of cinema and unleashed some of the most heart-wrenching moments in modern horror film history.


THE MULDER CHRONICLES TRAILER by DANIEL ABELLA (2011, 3 Minutes) A fan based trailer based on The X-Files series. The story follows a young Fox Mulder fresh out of Oxford University as he begins to uncover the disappearance of a young girl and the connection to his sister’s abduction.

CREATURES OF THE NIGHT by ZANE MILLER (2013, 20 Minutes) Azazel, the host of a late night horror anthology series struggles to keep his sanity when the director of the program pairs him with a new sidekick, a puppet named Scumball. Tensions run high as the director favors Frank, the dim witted puppeteer behind the Scumball character over Azazel all the while the two hosts present the episode’s featured film “Mutant, Murder, Mysteries.”

RETIRE FOR THE EVENING by ED HELLMAN (2013, 11 Minutes) A ventriloquist’s puppet attempts to continue the act after his partner dies. DO DEMONS READ THEMSELVES TO SLEEP? by R.D. Preston (2011, 12 Minutes) A boy’s reading assignment is a book with a demon trapped inside of it.

DEMONEN by HENRICK MÖLLER (2012, 22 Minutes) A Swedish Brothers Grimm horror fantasy.

STORAGE UNIT 57 by ALDO ROMERO (2007, 22 Minutes) Izzy, a worker at a storage facility frustrated by the separation with his wife and the monotony of his job, begins to see ghostly apparitions in a storage locker labeled storage unit #57.

LAVINIA’S REVENGE by DAVID MILLER (2013, 4 Minutes) After suffering a malicious rape, Lavinia exacts a brutal and merciless revenge before finally jumping to her death.

NOT A HAIR OUT OF PLACE by ANDREW FAGAN (2013, 6 Minutes) Alex only wants to look good for his date but a stubborn blemish on his tooth threatens to derail his plans. Apply toothpaste, brush vigorously for thirty seconds. Spit. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Maybe the solution is worse than the problem.

LIGHT by RAFAEL HERNÃN GAMBOA (2010, 16 Minutes) A prisoner of an unknown entity is interrogated about the very nature of his reality, culminating in an unexpected revelation.

HUNTING by LAURA MAXFIELD (2010, 23 Minutes) Tina hoped that moving would end her chronic and terrifying stress dreams but when she becomes haunted by her living roommate her sanity unravels with violent consequences.

The Annual Halloween Show short film program will lead an entire night of horror films as part of Anthology Film Archive’s NewFilmmakers series. The event on Wednesday, October 30, 2013 is located at Deren Theater @ Anthology at 32 Second Avenue New York, NY 10003 and begins at 6:00 pm. For more information including further scheduling and film listings please visit and always be sure to stay informed of all ongoing announcements from The Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Film Festival on the Facebook page at ThePhilipKDickFilmFestival and Twitter page at

For more information please contact: Daniel Abella, Festival Director Program Office: 917-362-9337

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