Deadline is reporting that HBO and Guillermo del Toro will be teaming up to bring the Japanese Manga hit Monster to the small screen.  Monster is an 18 volume series of Japanese Manga by author Naoki Urasawa  and is published by Shogakukan Inc.  The series  is about a young doctor searching the world for an evil 12 year-old boy who just happens to be for the most evil sociopath that has ever lived.  The doctor had saved the boy’s life, and that decision unleashed an evil that he could never imagine.

Deadline also reports that Del Toro will co-write the story with Steven Thompson, best known for his work on Dr. Who and Sherlock. Thompson will write the pilot, and del Toro will direct it.  I’ve got to say that I find this intriguing.  If this is half as good as Del Toro’s other work, we are in for quite the ride.



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