Someone asked me why I wrote The Caldecott Chronicles and why as a short story series.

I had just finished a full length middle grade adventure titled, The 58th Keeper. The story is a fun ride and very detailed but it was also written with quite a lot of restraint. I couldn’t have lots of people dying hideous deaths in a middle grade adventure even if they deserved it so The Caldecott Chronicles allowed me to let off steam. Also the ‘voice’ of the Earl came through very clearly for me. It was easy and fun to write about him and at times I felt like I was literally dictating notes, it was that strong. Strange stuff (I wonder if other writers get this or maybe I should just keep very, very quiet about it…).

As for short stories. Several reasons; I wanted the readers to keep awake so I crammed them full of action and made them page-turners. I also dropped the price to the lowest possible level. Even though it’s tough for newbie authors, my goal is to create a fan base. I want my stories to be short, sharp and addictive…

Thanks for having me. I look forward to returning to Hellnotes.

RG Bullet

About The Author: R. G. Bullet was born in Berkshire, UK. After living in nine different countries he has finally settled in Miami Beach, USA. He is addicted to tea, reading, writing, motorbikes and shamefully, Call of Duty. His middle grade debut novel: The 58th Keeper and The Caldecott Chronicles have just been released. RG has temporarily lowered prices for this tour to $.99 and books 3, 4 and 5 will be released shortly (date TBA).

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Short Promo video for The Caldecott Chronicles. No.1

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