“Gruesome,” the theme song recorded by musician Giasone Italiano to promote Gregory Lamberson’s upcoming horror novel Johnny Gruesome, will have its world premiere on Rue Morgue Radio on Friday, January 5th, 2007.  Rue Morgue Radio is a weekly podcast produced by Rue Morgue magazine.

Lamberson’s unpublished novel concerns a murdered high school student who returns from the grave with revenge on his mind.  Lamberson asked Italiano to create a hard driving theme song to help create audience awareness for his title character, who favors songs by Alice Cooper and The Misfits.  Italiano wrote the song with his wife, author Marcy Italiano, and performed the vocals, guitar, and bass on the track.  The Italianos are currently writing additional songs for a CD album to accompany Lamberson’s novel.

“It was my idea to do the song, and I’m a collaborator in the sense that it’s based on my material,” Lamberson says.  “But G and Marcy wrote it on their own, and the album is really their baby.  It will be a horror themed collection sung by my Johnny Gruesome character before and after his death, but only two or three of the songs will be based on my novel.  So horror fans will enjoy these songs whether they read the novel or not.”

Rue Morgue Radio is hosted by Tomb Dragomir.  The weekly show spotlights gothic music and horror films and fiction.  Rue Morgue Radio recently announced it has joined forces with Iceberg Radio to reach a wider audience.  The show can be heard every Friday at Rue Morgue Radio  and Iceberg Radio

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