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Author and filmmaker Gregory Lamberson (Slime City Massacre, The Jake Helman Files) has wrapped principal photography on the horror comedy Dry Bones and has announced a full slate of upcoming independent feature film projects which will be filmed in the Buffalo-Niagara region.

Lamberson wrote Dry Bones, which he co-produced and co-directed with Michael O’Hear (pictured below), who stars alongside Debbie Rochon (also pictured below), who endured a seven-hour make-up and costuming process to become the succubus Lilim. “We shot Dry Bones over 19 days, mostly on weekends,” says Lamberson. “It looks terrific, and the performances are first rate. I put together a great team to make this, and I want to work with them on future projects. I‘d intended for Dry Bones to be my last micro-budget feature, but it was such a good shoot, the best I’ve been on since Slime City Massacre, that I’m ready to dive into other projects.”


Co-Director Michael O'Hear in Horror Comedy Dry Bones


Debbie Rochon in Horror Comedy Dry Bones

First up is The Legend of Six Fingers, written and directed by Sam Qualiana, who created Snow Shark: Ancient Snow Beast. Lamberson is producing. Six Fingers is a found footage film about two documentary filmmakers searching for a Bigfoot-like creature that has three fingers on each hand. Rochon appears in the film, and other horror icons will play roles as well. Craig Lindberg is creating the key special effects.

“Sam was my cinematographer on Dry Bones, and he mentioned this project on set one day,” Lamberson explains. “He said the right words, ‘I’m going to do this,’ so I said I’d produce it. We share a love for monster movies, and since making Snow Shark, he’s worked on Model Hunger, Return to Nuke Em High, Battledogs, and now Dry Bones. That’s a hell of a filmmaking education, and he’s ready to make another film of his own. We wrapped Dry Bones last Wednesday, took a day off, then started shooting Six Fingers on Friday before Debbie left.” Production continues through the summer.

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