Hellnotes, under the guidance of JournalStone and in cooperation with Dark Discoveries, has a few ad spaces opening up this month. It’s a great time to take advantage of this opportunity.

For example, you can pick up a Hellnotes thin sidebar ad (600×180) for three months for only $200.

Or we can offer you a great package – a Hellnotes full sidebar ad (600×350), plus a Dark Discoveries sidebar ad (250×300), and a JournalStone sidebar ad (250×300) – for only $200 for the full month or $450 for three months).

Or we can offer you a full page, color ad in Dark Discoveries magazine for only $250, a savings of 50% over our standard price (for the April 30th issue).

Or just about any combination that might interest you. Just drop us a note (mailto:[email protected]) and let us know what you’re considering and we’ll work with you any way we can.

There’s no better way to reach horror fans!

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