If you’re a budding horror author, or even if your an old pro with numerous bestsellers on your resume, you may be interested in sending a short story to Goodreads.  Details from their website are below:
We are seeking horror tales no longer than 1,000 words (flash is acceptable). Royalties will be paid every six months via Paypal or check. 70% of all revenue will be paid out to the 100 contributors in even denominations. There are no limitations on subject matter so long as there is a strong horror/suspenseful element.Once tales are accepted we will contact you for royalty payment information. Cover art will be commissioned by illustrator Steve Wenta. Please send submissions to: [email protected] with the subject “Delicious Malicious: 100 Tales of Horror”. The submission deadline for the first book is October 31, 2013.

Delicious Malicious is intended to be a series. All 100 authors accepted will automatically be invited to submit additional stories for “Delicious Malicious 2: Another 100 Tales of Horror”, “Delicious Malicious 3: 100 Tales of Horror”, etc. Each author will then receive their royalty share every six months for each book in the series, cumulatively perpetually. The goal will be to have each book in the series feature each of the same authors in exactly the same order. The goal is to initiate an ongoing series which will gain a very large following and extend over many years.

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