The Horror Writers Association has announced Glenn Chadbourne as the Artist Guest of Honor for the World Horror Convention (WHC) 2013. In 2013 the HWA is hosting WHC as part of the Bram Stoker Awards™ Weekend in New Orleans from 13-16 June.

Glenn Chadbourne is a freelance artist specialising in the horror/dark fantasy genres. His artwork has appeared in over fifty books and well as numerous magazines, comics, and computer games. His trademark pen and ink illustrations have accompanied the works of today’s best-selling horror writers, most notably Stephen King. He created the extensive artwork that appears in both volumes of King’s The Secretary of Dreams, as well as PS Publishing’s edition of The Colorado Kid.

Chadbourne has a long standing relationship with Cemetery Dance Publications where a great body of his work can be seen in various books published by the company. He lives in Newcastle, Maine with his wife, Sheila and their pug dog, Rocket.

HWA President Rocky Wood said, “Glenn Chadbourne is a quiet achiever with a truly unique artistic style. I am fortunate to know him well. He is a character, a Mainer through and through, and a true gentleman. He illustrated my first graphic novel, enhancing every word with astounding new views of such iconic characters as Frankenstein’s monster and Count Dracula, as well as authors such as Mary Shelley and HWA’s old friend, Bram Stoker. We are proud to have Glenn as WHC’s Artist Guest of Honor. Attendees are in for a real treat, viewing his artwork and getting to know the huge personality that is Glenn.”

Chadbourne joins previously announced Bram Stoker Awards Weekend Guests of Honor Ramsey Campbell and Jonathan Maberry; Toastmaster Jeff Strand; and WHC Guests of Honor Caitlin R. Kiernan and John Joseph Adams on the Guest list.

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