Gifted TrustBiting Dog Publications has released the revised edition of Gifted Trust by John Paul Allen in a digital edition.

Description: In 1930 Max Belote, a Dallas literary agent, heard the voice of Virago. “Tell her, just be good,” it whispered and he’d repeat before mutilating or killing his victim. Wanting to stop the evil entity inside him, Max ended his life. In 1970 convicted serial murderer Jeffrey Michael Roberts also heard the words, and until his execution he fulfilled its desires. In 2003 Virago spoke to Edward Paine, a high school teacher, who sought help to destroy the creature within. One soul, three lives, and the evil entity that commands them.

– from the author of Dark Blessings, Monkey Love, Weeping Mary and House Guest, John Paul Allen shares his most frightening tale.

Death is not the end … It’s a brief interruption.

From the author: “Nine years ago I wrote a book, lost my job because of it, was questioned by the local police, and received emails threatening my family and myself. Six years ago I decided could have done a better job writing it – I think I did … Ten thousand words cut – extra chapters added – check it out.”

You can pick up the Kindle edition for only $3.99 here: Gifted Trust

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