Canadian songwriter/musician Giasone Italiano has recorded a new song, “Gruesome,” to promote the upcoming horror novel Johnny Gruesome, written by Gregory Lamberson.  Lamberson is the author of Personal Demons, winner of the Anubis Award for Horror, and is best known as the writer and director of the cult horror film Slime City.

Lamberson wanted a unique method to promote his new novel, which deals with a murdered teenager who returns from the grave for revenge.  Because of its heavy metal motif, Lamberson hit on the idea of giving the novel its own theme song. So Lamberson turned to Italiano.  “Giasone is a songwriter who sings on his own demos, which cover numerous musical genres.  He’s also the biggest Friday the 13th fan I know, and we share an appreciation for Alice Cooper.  I told him I wanted an Alice-type song for Johnny Gruesome and he sent me a demo a few days later. The final mix kicks ass, and really captures the spirit of the novel, which I’m still fine tuning.”

Italiano co-wrote the song with his wife Marcy, author of the horror novel Pain Machine.  He composed the music, sang the vocals (as Johnny Gruesome), played guitar and bass, and produced the song. The Italianos are so pleased with the song, they’ve decided to collaborate on an entire CD album that will serve as a companion piece to Lamberson’s novel.  “The “Johnny” character is the catalyst and inspiration behind the music,” says Italiano.  “It will be “Johnny” singing, but not always as the growling creature featured in the “Gruesome” song; his persona will shift depending on each song’s vibe. A couple of songs will reflect events of the novel, like the title track, but others will just be fun, horror-based, hard rock.”

Updates on “Gruesome” and Johnny Gruesome will be posted on Lamberson’s website, and in his newsletter, The Gruesome Gazette, as well as on  Italiano’s website.

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