Ghosts in a Desert WorldAustralian author and Hellnotes scribe Matthew Tait has released his short story collection Ghosts In A Desert World for the first time in paperback. This second edition – revised and expanded throughout – also features the previously unpublished novelette Mutability of the Flesh. 


A writer is disturbed from his daily grind by blood dripping from the ceiling, which gets steadily worse. Soon, the blood becomes his own personal metaphor in a battle of denial.

When a compulsive gambler is forced to seek out a loan shark rooted in myth, he discovers the dark savior teaches a lot more to his pupils than mere deliverance from debt.

Trapped within a room of sinister dolls, an average man is forced to confront his very worst fears … and quickly learns that sometimes staring into the abyss does not grant you a reprieve from them.

Interweaving darkness into socially relevant spiritual and philosophical themes, GHOSTS IN A DESERT WORLD is the debut collection from Australian author Matthew Tait.

Publisher: HodgePodge Press

Genre: Horror

ISBN: 978-0615911557

Price: $7.59

Pages: 212

Publication date of Second Edition: October, 2013

Available at:

Ghosts in a Desert World Poster 2

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