Coming this fall from Gauntlet Press is the reprinting of the trade paperback of Jack Ketchum’s thriller, Hide & Seek. The book is currently at the printer and should be available in about a month.

Gauntlet has also received the bluelines (proof copy) of Visions of Death: Richard Matheson’s Edgar Allan Poe Scripts, Volume One. They have been approved so actual printing has begun. This compilation (edited by Lawrence French) contains two scripts Richard Matheson wrote for Roger Corman based on Edgar Allan Poe’s short stories, plus an incredible amount of bonus material. Check it out here: Visions of Death

Also in the works at Gauntlet is The Richard Matheson Companion. Edited by Stanley Wiater and Matthew R. Bradley and Associate Editor Paul Stuve, this book is a must for fans of Matheson. For one, both the numbered and lettered editions will contain “The Years Stood Still” a novel Matheson wrote as a teenager and then put in a drawer. It foreshadows some of the themes Matheson would revisit time and again. This will be the only appearance of this novel. A side note: because of pain in his wrist as a result of having handwritten the first drafts to all of his books for over 60 years, Matheson is signing 5 tipsheets a day for this title. Find out more: The Matheson Companion

Finally, Gauntlet is working on a 10th anniversary signed limited edition of Paul F. Wilson’s Legacies for next fall (2008). Legacies is the only Repairman Jack novel not yet to appear as a signed limited edition. Wilson has made some minor revisions and will be looking through his files for additional material. Gauntlet won’t be taking orders until January 1, 2008.

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