Gauntlet Press sent out a special newsletter last week announcing that they are now able to post interviews and other material on the Gauntlet Facebook page. Up now is an interview with Richard Christian Matheson discussing Stephen King’s Battleground and other upcoming projects. Paul Stuve will be posting regularly on Richard Matheson and his first announcement appears on the Facebook page.

Stephen King’s Battleground is at the printer right now for a late-Spring release, edited by Richard Christian Matheson. In the interview, Richard talks about “Battleground” and other upcoming projects. In response to a question about the challenges of writing a script with no dialogue at all, he says:

“The big challenge was length. Once I knew there wasn’t enough in King’s story to sustain a tense hour, I needed another complication to expand the length. So, I cooked-up the “Savage Commando,” a fierce, little jungle fighter as psychotic as the hit man himself. Adapting the story into a script was otherwise pretty easy thanks to King’s progression. It had a strong flow and my script fell together fast. About half way through writing, I began to think that if I were to completely eliminate dialogue, it would still make sense and be unique. I used some screenwriter tricks to cover exposition and went for it not knowing what the network would say. They immediately got how effective and different it was and were fully behind it. They spent a ton on that episode and it shows. Our director Brian Henson and star William Hurt totally nailed it.

“They launched Nightmares and Dreamscapes with “Battleground” and ran it without commercials at its full time of 59 minutes. It made a big splash.”

You can read the entire interview on Gauntlet’s new Facebook page here: R.C. Matheson

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