In their November 18th newsletter, Gauntlet Press says, “In these hard economic times there are some difficult decisions that have to be made. I have had to drastically cut the hours of an employee who handles dealer orders. And the discount we have to offer dealers is hard to absorb in a tough economy, as well, since many of their orders are for 1-3 books. As a result, with one or two exceptions, we will NO longer be supplying dealers with books. This is most important for customers purchasing our Repairman Jack titles, which often sell out on publication and some other books where demand is high (i.e. this past year’s signed editions of He Is Legend).

“If you have a dealer order in for Bullet Trick please contact your dealer as we are not providing copies to those who ordered less than 5 copies of the book. And, just two dealers will receive Secret Circles, which just went to the printer. We strongly suggest you order directly from the Gauntlet Press website to guarantee a copy of the book (we will provide a small number of copies to but we are cutting the number of books they receive by 50-80%). If you have any questions please contact us at”

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