We recently alerted you to Neil Gaiman’s blog, where he had decided to ask his readers which book he should post online for free. Well, a final decision hasn’t been made yet, but a definite front runner is emerging. Here’s what Gaiman had to say on his blog today, February 15th:

“We’ll close the polls on the Which Free Book Vote tomorrow, but the final results of the vote are, I think, at this stage, predictable, considering they took on this pattern by the time the first hundred people had voted, and have only wavered by a percentage point here and there since. As you can see here, we’re now pushing 26,000 votes, and the pattern hasn’t changed. American Gods sits in the lead with 28% of the vote, Neverwhere has 21% of the vote, the three short story collections have about 28% of the vote between them, trailed by Stardust at 9% and Anansi Boys and Coraline at 7% each.”

You can read the rest of his post here: Neil Gaiman

Update: The final poll results are now in and you can catch them here: Final Results

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