Horror author and entertainment personality Gabrielle Faust has announced the launch of a new line of sultry, sophisticated eye shadows as she expands her new imprint on the beauty industry. The collection entitled Gabrielle Faust by Overall Beauty is the first of many different product endeavors planned by the gothic fashionista and includes eight sultry shades including Love Lost (deep rose), Vampire’s Kiss (sangria red), Karmic Knight (dark eggplant purple), Misanthrope (ashen violet) Indiscretion (charcoal gray), Aftermath (burnt umber brown), Sanctified Snow (opalescent white) and Hourglass Sand (golden cream).

“Next to writing, fashion is most definitely one of my greatest passions,” says Faust. “I have always been a risk taker when it comes to my personal style and the opportunity to leave my creative mark on the fashion world through clothing and cosmetics is beyond thrilling. I am overwhelmingly excited about my new partnership with Overall Beauty. I wanted to create a collection of eye shadows which would allow people to obtain a sultry smoky look that is simultaneously elegant and dangerous. These are all colors which I personally use to create my own look.”

Available beginning August 14, Gabrielle Faust by Overall Beauty will initially be sold via the online cosmetics retailer Overall Beauty, owned and operated by CEO, Kim Snyder. The eye shadows will retail for $8.99 a shade or $72 for the full set of eight.

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