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Hello!  We are brothers Sean and Tim Cunningham.  We share a deep passion for films and filmmaking that took us to Hollywood where we have spent the past 35+ combined years working on high-end visual effects (VFX) at some of the industry’s leading facilities such as Digital Domain,Sony Pictures Imageworks, and Rhythm & Hues Studios.  During that span we’ve notched more than 60 feature credits and contributed work to 9 films receiving VFX Academy Award nominations.

While helping others tell their stories with cool visuals can be fun, our passion for filmmaking compels us to do more.  We are reaching out today to share our passion with the IndieGoGo community and beyond to raise $35K to produce a unique independent feature film entitled Preternatural, an unreliable documentary about fairies and other monsters.



Preternatural will be a classic creature feature disguised as a documentary and aims to put the “terror” back into fairy folklore.  If you are a fan of horror films, monsters, and science fiction, then keep on reading.

We have a stack of stories that we would like…no, that we need to tell, and your contribution or your sharing of this campaign with others who might contribute will go a long way in helping us to realize that goal.

In addition to our genuine and eternal gratitude, we are offering some exciting “perks” to try and help make a contribution worth your while including very cool, limited edition figurines of our creatures, so please, for the love of movies have a look around, and PLEASE pass this along…

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