Futures-Past (the sf/f/h imprint of PageTurner Editions) and its sister division REB AudioBooks have inked an innovative pair of contracts to acquire both author Norman Spinrad’s 1975 novella “Riding the Torch,” and composer-artist Don Simpson’s song, “Ship of Stone,” which was inspired by a line in “Riding the Torch.” Fascinatingly both works were nominated for major awards in their field: Spinrad’s “Riding the Torch” was nominated for the Hugo Award for best science fiction novella, while Simpson’s song has been nominated for the Pegasus Award for Best Classic Filk Song (a filk song is one written by science fiction fans about science fictional subjects).

“We see this acquisition as a natural artistic and marketing synergy, with each work helping sell the other” says Page-Turner Editions Associate Publisher Helene O’Connor, “and we are grateful to Jean Marie Stine for putting it together for Futures-Past and REB Audiobooks.”

Spinrad’s novella is set against the background of an exodus from Earth following its destruction in a nuclear war and the search for a world that will support human life. “Riding the Torch” takes place hundreds of years into the voyage, when it at last begins to look as if no such world exists. It will be released as an ebook by Future’s-Past.

Singer Bill Mills, whose voice SFFAudio.com describes as “warm, and rich as hickory smoke,” will perform Simpson’s song in what is envisioned as a unique new kind of audiobook. Beginning with an opening profile of Simpson and a special conversation with him discussing the origin and writing of the song, the audiobook’s focus is Mills’ intimate and very personal version of “Ship of Stone” which is almost eight minutes long. It will be released as an audiobook will be released by REB AudioBooks

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