Deadly RenovationsAnother month brings another set of awesome independent flicks straight to your screen from Brain Damage Films. This month they’ve got Midnight Releasing’s Deadly Renovations and a mind bending, time traveling sci-fi action flick called Time Again.

Deadly Renovations – A fast-paced horror thriller about a group who renovates an abandoned hotel that may contain millions in cash hidden somewhere within. Murder and Mayhem ensue. Directed by: Robert H. Gwinn

Time Again – After a young waitress receives strange coins for a tip, she inadvertently becomes embroiled in an underworld battle with a notorious criminal that leads to her death. With the help of a mysterious old lady, her younger sister goes back in time to save her from being murdered. Directed by: Ray Karwel

Brain Damage Films is the #1 indie horror label since 2001. Over the years they’ve released hundreds of movies and they won’t stop until we drop dead!

Check them out: Brain Damage Films

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