Frightfully Cozy and Mild Stories For Nervous TypesDavid Sutton’s Shadow Publishing has announced the forthcoming September publication of Frightfully Cosy And Mild Stories For Nervous Types by Johnny Mains

Description: Not for the Squeamish! The collection contains twelve bizarre stories, five previously unpublished. From classic themes in his sequel to M. R. James’ A Warning to the Curious, to his wild take on traditional horror subject matter in the strange case of “The Were-Dwarf,” to the bleakly dark modern horror of “Cure.” This collection of extraordinary horror yarns will not disappoint genre fans who enjoy variety in the books they buy.

Introduction by Stephen Volk. Cover art by Richard Sampson.

Johnny Mains says, “This collection wsa originally going to be The Difficult Second Collection but then I discovered the ‘popular disc-jockey’ Chris Moyles called his latest ‘bestseller’ The Difficult Second Book and that put paid to that. The title for this book comes in part from a reviewer who called my first collection ‘awfully cozy and mild. The sentence tickled me so much so (though I didn’t agree with the review) that I thought I’d pinch it and make it near unrecognizable for this new collection.”

Special pre-publication offer for advance orders. Normal price £7.99. Discount £1.50. Your price £6.49 (Plus our standard postage rate): Frightfully Cosy And Mild Stories

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