A small rag tag group of young filmmakers have taken on the ambitious project of doing a film adaptation of one of the original Friday The 13th novels. The novel, Mother’s Day, was the first of Eric Morse’s Camp Crystal Lake novels, published by Berkley Books in 1994. The story takes place after the events in the film, Jason Goes To Hell. A hunter digs up Jason’s hockey mask and puts it on. He is possessed by the evil of Jason and terrorizes a group of campers who have decided to camp at the site where Camp Crystal Lake once existed.

For Director/Producer Cory Stevens this has been a three year journey to translate Morse’s young adult novel onto the big screen. But it has been a labor of love for this young film student, who has financed this film out of his own pocket.

The production got an added boost when the author, William Pattison (who wrote the novel under his pen name Eric Morse), gave Stevens and the production his support. Pattison has joined the production as Executive Consultant and will be lending the production his voice talent in an important voiceover role.

Principle photography started during the summer of 2006. It is currently on Winter break and will finish in spring of 2007.  The film will be released on the internet on April 13th 2007.

Currently, there are three trailers available on the Internet, as well as two sneek preview scenes from film and a behind the scenes clip. View them all here: Mother’s Day

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