Lesser GodsFree for five days only (Jan 22-26) – you can download a Kindle copy of Lesser Gods by Duncan Long.

Description:Lesser Gods provides a beautifully written science fiction adventure that’s both moving and thought-provoking, a trip you’ll not soon forget.”

Duncan Long (author of the Spider World Trilogy, HarperCollins; Antigrav Unlimited, Avon Books; and the Night Stalkers series, HarperCollins) has created a fast-paced novel of a future Earth where neighborhood snipers pick off salesmen, automation runs fatally amuck, and the resurrected dead walk the streets.

Wisecracking hacker Ralph Crocker finds himself in the middle of a bloody turf war between a cyborg named Death, organ-stealing street monstrosities, and genetically modified government agents. To survive, he must brave dangerous shadow worlds and trust “Alice” (who may be virtual), joining forces with her to confront the godlike man pulling strings behind the scenes to alter perceptions and perhaps even reality. The battle’s outcome will change the future in ways impossible to imagine – and may prove fatal to both Alice and Ralph.

With a witty narrative and skillful plotting, this story travels around the planet and beyond, from streets worked by automated prostitutes, to deadly tourist traps, to virtual worlds where anything can happen with fatal results. You’ll find it’s hard to put this novel down as the action unfolds, providing a sometimes-troubling view of the future.

About the Author: Duncan Long is a freelance writer/illustrator who has authored 13 novels including Anti-Grav Unlimited (Avon Books), the Spider Worlds triology (HarperCollins), and the Night Stalkers series (Harper Collins). He’s also written 60-some technical books and how-to manuals (with Paladin Press, Delta Press, Lyons Press/Globe Pequot, and others). Additionally, he’s ghostwritten over a dozen titles for TV, radio, and stage celebrities.

Some of Long’s technical manuals can be found in the private libraries of the CIA, US Marines, FEMA, the FBI’s FTU (Firearms Training Unit), and other US agencies. Excerpts from his books and technical drawings have even appeared in US Congressional hearings.

As an illustrator Long has created cover and interior illustrations for HarperCollins, PS Publishing (UK), Byron Preiss/ibooks, Pocket Books, Fort Ross, American Media, Delirium Books, Ballistic Media, Mermaid Books, Swimming Kangaroo Books, and others. His artwork also appears in national magazines (including the Sun and Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine), and at Web sites and on CD covers.

Pick up your free copy here: Lesser Gods

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