Usher Bookshas released Michael Meeske’s Frankenstein’s Daemon in both paperback and ebook editions.

Description: The chase is on! Written as a sequel to Mary Shelley’s masterpiece of 200 years ago, Frankenstein’s Daemon captures the spirit of the original in this page-turning tale. Capt. Robert Walton pursues the monster, vowing to carry out the revenge ordered by Victor Frankenstein. Walton’s quest leads him to Ernest Frankenstein, Victor’s brother, and his beautiful wife, Olivia. Mad ambition, unfettered science and love betrayed lead to a shattering climax on the streets of London.

“I had never read Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein until two years ago,” says Meeske. “I missed the required reading bit in high school and college. What a revelation the novel was; I really thought the fictional monster was like Boris Karloff’s masterful interpretation in James Whale’s 1931 movie. But Shelley crafted a creature so very different from the iconic movie; a creature who could speak eloquently and make his way about in the world – of course, only as a misfit. This tragic pathos drew me in. The creature was alive at the end of Shelley’s novel, and I wondered (naturally) what happened to him? Would he really immolate himself on his funeral pyre? The story grew from there. It’s told from the viewpoint of Capt. Robert Walton, the most contemporary of the three voices, in my opinion, from the original novel. I tried as much as possible to emulate the voice and tone of Frankenstein, but to keep the pacing in the 21st Century. The book fairly flowed from me (not that I was channeling Shelley), and then I spent nearly a year on revisions. I loved writing it and I hope your readers will love it as well. One of my reviewers called it a, “thrilling carriage ride.” Very appropriate, I think.

“Many of my readers, including NYTs best-selling author Heather Graham, have commented on the “humanity” of my monster. Here is a quote from the creature taken from page 105 of the print version: ‘It is true I am a monster,” he said, “but canst thou not behold the halo of benevolence that dissolves my murderous passions? I am loved of the baser creatures, and I find my solace in the weak and small, for they are as I – trod upon by mankind. This soothing balm is the quality that carries me through my days; the water that cools the flames of my inextinguishable hatred.'”

Readers can catch the first few chapters free at Amazon (just click the book cover and scroll down: Frankenstein’s Daemon

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