Four ZombiesThe third annual Cemetery Dance Collectors Club members will receive an exclusive “Never To Be Sold” Signed Limited Edition Hardcover called Four Zombies featuring four of Cemetery Dance’s favorite authors and artwork by horror artist Glenn Chadbourne!

The authors contributing short stories to this special anthology are Joe R. Lansdale, John Skipp, Norman Prentiss, and Norman Partridge – and each story will feature creepy illustrations by Glenn Chadbourne, the artist behind The Secretary of Dreams by Stephen King. Two of the stories have never been published anywhere else ever before and two of them are classic reprints, but best of all, all of the stories are already in the hands of Cemetery Dance so the book can be designed right away.

Here’s what makes this book a serious collectible: not only will copies of this signed Limited Edition never be offered to the general public (no dealers, no wholesalers, no bookstores, no direct sales, no individual copy sales), but this anthology will never be reprinted. No paperback, no eBooks, no trade edition, nothing!

Cemetery Dance is only going to offer these memberships for a limited time and then they’re gone for good.

You can join here: Cemetery Dance Collectors Club

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