Eyelevel Books has announced the publication of the first adult sci-fi/horror novel by Alan Porter – Firestorm: Descent.

Alan Porter (Midwinter Lucie (2008), The Black Pear (2009)has a proven record of writing ghost and soft-horror books for teen readers, and has now produced the first of a trilogy of ground-breaking novels for adult readers.

Firestorm: Descent is a vision of a world brought to the brink of destruction by technology. What once enabled mankind to live in peace and prosperity left a political and spiritual vacuum which resulted in a cataclysmic war and the rise of some very nasty new rulers.

When David Tweed stumbles into this world as a result of an accident with an experimental time machine, at first he thinks he got lucky. He’s alive, and the place in which he finds himself seems remarkably familiar.

Soon, however, he begins to realize how dangerous this world really is, how tangible is the evil that crawls across the shattered landscape … and how easy it would be to bring together this hell on earth and the world he calls home.

Now, he must race against time to find a way out before this world destroys him. But everyone he meets has their own agenda, their own reason to help or hinder him, and it is far from clear just who is who. Firestorm is a parable for the modern age, drawing on classical mythology, ancient mystical texts and invoking the spirits of writers as diverse as Dante and Goethe.

The author weaves a deceptively simple story of one man’s courage in the face of overwhelming odds. Yet Firestorm is also a fiendishly complex puzzle, where time twists in on itself and nothing is ever quite what it seems.

Part sci-fi, part horror, part classic adventure, Firestorm is like nothing you’ve ever read before!

Check it out on Amazon here: Firestorm: Descent

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