The forthcoming anthology, Fell Beasts, edited by Ty Schwamberger is now available for pre-order via Dark Quest Books.

Description: Almost every kid believes there are things lurking under their beds or waiting in the shadows for the opportunity to jump out and attack if they happen to play outside too far into the night. But, as we grow up, we mature and realize there really aren’t things that go bump in the night.

Or is there…

In this eclectic collection of eleven short stories by some of today’s veterans and up-and-comers in the horror genre; you will uncover things that may revert your mind back to when you were a little kid. You’ll discover: hairy beasts that dwell in caves and wander the wilderness in search of prey, things that slither and lurk in the water, creatures from Hell, people that think they are a monster or an animal, dwarf-beasts, vicious winged creatures and a macabre experiment on an unfortunate soul.

But, you can handle all that, right?

If you think so, forget about calling for mommy or daddy to come save you if something bad happens…

… cause you’ve been warned.

Table of Contents:

“Spelunking” by R. Scott McCoy
“The Whispers in the Cage” by Timothy Moore
“Samuel” by Jason Sizemore
“Excitable Boy” by Thomas A. Erb
“On Fine Feathered Wings” by Gord Rollo
“In Darker Waters” by Robert Ford
“Night Shift at Hotel Mara” by Dean Harrison
“Sandwalkers” by Michael West
“Splinters” by Adam P. Lewis
“There Goes the Neighborhood (Holiday Version/Extended Cutting)” by Brady Allen
“Yellow” by John Everson

You can pre-order directly from the publisher here: Fell Beasts

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