Fear The AbyssBuilding on the success of the anthologies Torn Realities and The Ghost IS the Machine, Post Mortem Press has released of Fear the Abyss, an anthology of new stories from some of the top and up-and-coming names in thriller fiction.

Fear the Abyss contains 22 stories that show readers the dark side of the future, technology, and the expansion of our own knowledge. In this horror/science-fiction anthology, Post Mortem Press’s first cross-genre exploration and overall most ambitious project to date, the writers within turn their gaze at what might lie at the dark end of the rainbow of science.

Jonathan Maberry, author of the New York Times bestselling Patient Zero says, “Fear the Abyss brings the shocks, one disturbing jolt after another. These are tales from the bleeding edge of modern horror fiction. Highly recommended.”

Fear the Abyss shows you the forever-near-death of the universe in Tim Waggoner’s “The Great Ocean of Truth,” the consequences of playing God on the battlefield in Aurora Award nominee Matt Moore’s “That Which Does Not Kill Me,” and the primal urges of space conquest in Jamie Lackey’s “Broken Promises.” Bram Stoker Award™ winner Gary Braunbeck gives readers heart-wrenching attempts of building a better past through the home videos of others, while Stoker Nominee Lawrence Connolly glimpses into the pockets of humanity that resist the tidal pull of our technology-obsessed times. Joseph William’s “Cutting the Cord” reveals that even service robots can feel scorned, while Andrew Nienaber’s “What We Found” cautions us against discovering the secrets of the universe. Discover what keeps us going in bestselling author Jeyn Roberts’s “Life After Dead,” the horrific possibilities in parental censorship in Michael Arnzen’s “Graphic Violence Equalizer,” and the dark faiths residing in deep space in Paul Anderson’s “A Nice Town With Very Clean Streets.”

And that’s only half of the stories within. Fear the Abyss also includes the rare story “Seeing” by the legendary Harlan Ellison®, and perhaps Jack Ketchum’s most twisted tale, the classic “Amid the Walking Wounded.”

Eric Beebe, Post Mortem Press publisher and editor of Fear the Abyss explains, “Fear the Abyss began as an idea to get some science fiction/horror hybrid stories out into the world and grew into our calling card for 2013. We’ve been noticed, but now the pressure is on to continue to grow without resting on our very modest laurels. I am hopeful Fear the Abyss demonstrates our desire to work our way into the elite of genre small press.”

Check it out on Amazon, in both paperback and digital editions: Fear the Abyss

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