Having grown up in the Deep South, I can tell you there is nothing creepier than walking by an old, abandoned house on a dirt road, especially when the trees on either side form a canopy so thick that they blot out the stars.  You begin to imagine that every noise you hear is a gator coming to drag you into the swamp, or worse, the ghost of someone who wants to ensure that your death is as gruesome and painful as theirs was.  With that in mind, I can’t imagine a better place to hold a horror film festival than D’Iberville, Mississippi.  If I’ve piqued your interest, then read the press release below:

Get ready Mississippi! The third annual Fear Fete Horror Film Festival has revealed it will be held October 18-20, 2013 at The Grand Theater 18 in D’Iberville, Mississippi.

Fear Fete has been one of the South’s premier horror film festivals, showcasing many of the world’s best independent horror films over the course of three nights. The festival was recently named one of Movie Maker Magazine’s 13 Horror Film Festivals to Die For.

“We are so excited to be bringing the fest to the Mississippi Gulf Coast this year. As the festival continues to grow, we look forward to meeting new people and creating new horror fans on the Gulf Coast,” stated Derek Morris, Executive Director for Fear Fete.

For all filmmakers reading this, Fear Fete is currently accepting horror film submissions. During the early submission period, Fear Fete invites all filmmakers to submit their independent horror films for free until April 26, 2013. After this deadline, an entry fee will be required for all film submissions.

Official entry rules and the entry form can be accessed at www.fearfete.com. The deadline for all submissions for the 2013 Fear Fete Horror Film Festival is July 12, 2013.

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