Fanatical Publishing’s Weekly Review, Issue 45 is out. Here’s what you’ll find inside its pages:

Original Prose

  • “1st Adventure Of Immortality,” Haley Alden
  • “A Story Of A Clown And The Lack Of A Title,” Darren James Mamis

Fan Fiction

  • “ME2 Helldiver Saga Chapter 12: First Encounters,” Veyron722skyhook
  • “Bad Day 1,” Amy Moffoot
  • “Exiled,” Kai Seemayer
  • Starfox Universe: “Lost Memories,” Comandr.


  • The Light, Kavita Rae Songbird
  • Peter Panics, Nikhil Kartha
  • Shy Guy (8/24/2012), Zuko4444
  • Living A Lie And Vindictive Thoughts, Kela Lewis-Morin
  • The Vague Lord, Constantine Baxter
  • Beloved Cadaver, Jonny Hekla Hjaltadottir
  • A Thrill Then The Kill, David Villegas
  • Your Light, David McKinstry
  • Objectify, Part Ii, Samantha Altrosse
  • Tomorrow I Will, Bloodymess
  • A Valentine, Tyler Tumilty
  • I’m Confused, Mathios13

You can download a free copy here: Fanatical Publishing’s Weekly Review

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