Fallen StonesSunbury Press has released the paperback and digital editions of Thomas M. Malafarina’s Fallen Stones.

Description: When Stephanie Wright and her family inherit and move into a luxuriously renovated rural Schuylkill County farmette she believes all of her worries are over. But then her husband, Jason stumbles on a small ancient family burial site on the property. He decides to destroy the headstones, keeping the gravesite a secret so not to spoil his wife’s newfound happiness. But sometimes the dead have their own agenda. When Stephanie begins researching her family genealogy she uncovers a terrible family tragedy, the true unholy reason for what they originally perceived as good fortune rears it hideous head. The story has plenty of suspense, supernatural intrigue, and down and out gut wrenching terror to keep any reader, horror fan or not flipping pages and hungry for more.

About the Author: Thomas M. Malafarina is a horror fiction writer from Berks County, PA. He has published four novels, 99 Souls, Burn Phone, Eye Contact and most recently, Fallen Stones and story collections called 13 Nasty Endings, Gallery Of Horror, Malafarina Maleficarum Volume One and Malafarina Maleficarum Volume Two through Sunbury Press of Mechanicsburg, PA. He has also published a collection of single-panel cartoons called Yes I Smelled It Too: Cartoons For The Slightly Off-Center through Sunbury. He has written dozens of short stories, which have been featured in numerous anthologies as well as on internet audio podcasts.

Check out his newest here: Fallen Stones

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