Gauntlet Press is reporting that F. Paul Wilson’s Ground Zero is now at the printer and schedule for a late-June/early-July release.

Description: Years after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, someone has started fitting together the pieces of the puzzle and anonymously posting her conclusions on the web. But she can’t stay anonymous forever. Someone has traced her and is after her. Jack becomes involved in her troubles and in the paranoid mazes of the 9/11 Truth Movement, where conspiracy theories point in every direction—left, right, up, down.

Those behind that plot will do anything to stop her. But they’ve made a fatal miscalculation. They don’t know about Jack. Like everyone else, they don’t know he exists. They think they’re hunting defenseless prey. The don’t know she has a guardian who is armed to the teeth and can be just as cold-blooded as they. Maybe more so.

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