After years of publishing in the indie world, Eric S. Brown is now hitting the mass market. Publisher Simon & Schuster recently picked up his War of the Worlds Plus Blood, Guts and Zombies, a “mash-up” of the classic H.G. Wells tale of a Martian invasion. The novel has already been published on a smaller-scale under Comcast, and it will be re-released by Simon & Schuster in mid-December.

Brown talks about his writing process and his approach to his work in an interview currently running on Smokey Mountain News. In the piece, he says this about his work: “My work, while it does have deeper elements, it’s really about the fun, the escapism. If I don’t give you a fun read, then I failed as a writer. To me, it being entertaining is more important than it being true literature.”

You can catch the entire piece here: Eric S. Brown

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