has begun building the foundation for an advanced technology platform that they believe will revolutionize the way people buy, consume, and share books and media. Utilizing a cutting-edge, web-based platform, their customers will be able to fully-manage not only their digital libraries, but their existing print libraries as well. With that in mind, the four primary goals for are to:

1. Build supportive relationships with literacy organizations and educational charities in the U.S. and abroad;

2. Re-energize reading and bookselling utilizing cutting-edge technology that will change the way people buy, consume, and simply enjoy books and other reading-related media;

3. Provide valuable resources designed to help independent authors bring their work quickly and efficiently to and put them in front of millions of new readers; and

4. Create the eAffiliate Program™ that will bring the power of a turnkey online bookstore, including ebooks and a bookstore’s existing inventory, to traditional, independent brick-and-mortar bookstores across the country — and eventually, around the world.

The Power of Reading™ plans to be a hub for readers, a place where reading is more than a solitary endeavor. Consumers will be able to not only purchase books and manage their existing libraries, they will be able to socialize and share their love of the written word through a variety of powerful integrated products and services available only through

Things Are Changing

With the explosive popularity of ebooks, it has become increasingly apparent that books and other printed media are not in of themselves the most important element — it is the content itself that truly matters. As digital texts become more common, we are growing accustomed to the idea that our ability to communicate and understand one another is improving as a result. Plus, the more we enjoy the process of reading, the more content we consume – and as a direct result, the smarter and more informed we all become!

At, they believe that increased literacy and better education on a global scale can be gained one book at a time, and that with better education come better choices for all.

Why We Love eBooks

Digital content is changing the world. eBooks enable us to read more content in less time, and the demand for faster access to more texts is greater than ever before. Now that we can get our hands on textual content at the swipe of a finger, the burgeoning eBook market is a reflection of a powerful resurgence in the demand for entertainment in the form of the written word.

The shift from the physical distribution of media to digital distribution is an exciting transitory process, one that believes should be treated with the utmost respect and enthusiasm. The world has already begun changing for readers and writers. Helping to build a global market for an array of authors is another huge step toward ushering in a new channel of book buying and selling — one where there are no borders, and where content is truly king.

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